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“It’s not in our sameness that we find ourselves, but in our differences”


Marriage and Family Therapist, Susan Von Tobel, has a long-standing interest in teaching children, which includes her work as an educator, school counselor, and Extended Day Care Director, and now as an author of  children’s books. Mei-Ling’s Forever Mommy,Timmy’s Journey, and Mei-Mei’s New Home, are her three newest titles, each focusing on the important topic of diversity.  Von Tobel stresses the need for adults to help children maintain their natural curiosity and wonder about others, rather than the oftentimes fearful and aggressive bullying that we see in schools.

As a single woman, in 1999, Von Tobel adopted a little girl from China. This experience of raising a Chinese daughter taught her first hand about diversity within families, and how, at times, these families in American society go unnoticed. She feels that these families have much to offer an ever-changing culture. The focus of Von Tobel’s work is reaching children and families by increasing the acceptance of diversity in others.


Susan Von Tobel is a Marriage and Family Therapist who learned first-hand about diversity in families, having adopted her daughter from China as a single woman. She is the author of three children’s books that focus on adoption, diversity in families, and learning to be curious, and accepting, differences in others.

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