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“It’s not in our sameness that we find ourselves, but in our differences”

forever mommy

Mei-Ling’s Forever Mommy

Mei-Ling is a little girl born in China who cannot stay with her family. She has to stay in a place with other children until her new mommy can come. This is a touching story about loss, love, and diversity. This book is based on a true story of love through adoption.


Timmy’s Journey

porcupineTimmy is a little bunny that loses his way and searches for a new family to take care of him. He finds a family that feels so different, that they don’t know how to care for him. In the end, Timmy finds a family that enjoys and accepts differences. Through love and perseverance, they become a diverse family who accept each other’s differences.

This book is a wonderful resource for adoptive and foster families to read to children when there are disruptions in placement. Children are often promised a “forever family” when adopted. Yet, in the sad cases when an adoption is disrupted, adults are left with the difficult task of explaining why “forever” didn’t happen. This book provides a way to explain disruption without blaming the child. It emphasizes the importance of having parents who are ready for challenges and open to differences.

– Ally-Burr Harris, Ph.D., The Children’s Program, Portland, OR

Timmy’s Journey is designed to raise questions in children that may not otherwise surface.  They question what happened to his mommy, and why Timmy didn’t stay at home and wait for her?  The wonder why the first porcupine family didn’t keep him, and why the second one did. They question why Timmy’s mom left him and didn’t come back.  The questions give the adult an opportunity to ask them what they think, and to offer explanations.  It can help children to heal some of their own difficulties in their lives by offering some comfort and care around such difficult situations.  Children will learn that disruptions in their foster care or in an adoption, is NOT their fault, but the fault of others who never learned how to accept differences in others.


Mei-Mei’s New Home

A small black dog named Mei-Mei lives in a BIG apartment building with her family and lots of other pets. One day, the owner of the building comes to tell Mei-Mei’s mother that, from now on, they can only have ONE pet per family, that there is not enough room for all of them. This heartfelt story follows Mei-Mei from her home, to the animal shelter, and finally to her new home.

Inspirational Books


Secret Thoughts

Secret Thoughts is a book of poetry and original photography taken by the author. These poems were written over a period of five years and were brought together in this composite. The writer expresses the pain and eventual healing from childhood abuse in her visual and written expressions highlighted here.


Around Portland

Around Portland is a photo album of the author’s photography near Portland, Oregon.


Portland Japanese Gardens

A compilation of photos taken by the artist at the Portland, Oregon’s beautiful Japanese Gardens.


After Thoughts

She awoke in the early morning light, somehow knowing that God had saved her life many times. Maybe it was a dream that she had been having, or the fact that she often had these early morning realizations.